How does it work?

  • We accept high-quality furniture and decor that is clean, in-demand, seasonal, and ready for the showroom floor

  • Our consignment contract is a 90 day agreement

  • We determine the starting price based on original purchase price, condition, and current market value

  • After the first 30 days we will reduce your item by 15% and another 15% after 60 days

  • Our consignment split is 50/50

  • If you wish to take advantage of our once a month free pickup, the split is 40/60 store favor

  • After the contract expires, the consignor has the option to pick up or donate unsold items. We ask that you pick up these items within 7 days of the contract ending. After 10 days we will donate your items. At that point, The Twisted Trunk will no longer be liable for items not picked up.

  • Checks will be mailed to you on the 15th of the month following the date of the sale. A small processing fee will be deducted. 

  • The Twisted Trunk will make every effort to handle consigned items with care; however, we are not responsible for fire, flood, theft, or damage to your property.

  • In effort to sell your items we may utilize Craigslist, eBay, and other similar marketplaces. This allows more exposure than foot traffic alone.